I graduated magna cum laude receiving a BFA from the Maryland Institute Collage of Art in 1987. I’ve been in several exhibits in the Baltimore area, including two shows at Art Scape, two shows at School 33 Art Center and an exhibit at Maryland Art Place. Outside of Baltimore I’ve exhibited in Frederick Maryland, Ohio, the University of Memphis and New York.

    I started taking my artwork seriously when I was 21yrs. old. I began by taking lessons from a graduate of M.I.C.A. It wasn’t long before I started college in 1983. Now I live and work in Glen Burnie, MD., a suburb of Baltimore.

   In the past twenty-five years my work has gone through many periods. In 1987 I began with a solo exhibit of paintings and constructions using ink on wood in Baltimore.

   In 1990 I began a long series of abstract paintings resembling snakes. They were done using spray paint on bed sheets. By working in a series, I was free to paint spontaneously without having to focus on the content of my work. Out of this experience came a work at Maryland Art Place called Water Snakes in 1994.

   In 1993 l constructed a room size installation at a warehouse gallery in south Baltimore. It was called Mr. Garden Meets Medicine Snake. It was about how my diagnosis of having Bi-polar disorder changed my self-image from an emerging artist and amateur gardener, to a stigmatized, psychological stereotype. That same year I did another installation in Frederick, MD. titled Ten Days in Bed.         

   But, my luck ran out as far as having more opportunities for installations. So, in 1994 I went back to the image of the snake and combined it with childlike drawings. These took on a psychological aspect, having to do with a search for the inner workings of the psyche. 

   It wasn’t ‘till 1997 that I got another chance to do two more room installations. One was at School 33 Art Center in Baltimore and the other was at the University of Memphis.
   When the events of 9/11 took place, I began to look outside of myself into the workings of society and how it conflicted with my vision of a more peaceful existence. I exhibited in another show at School 33 Art Center in 2004, but due to a long depression I did very little artwork until 2008. It was then that I started the sociopolitical work. 

    In 2011 through 2012 I worked on a series of paintings about the ongoing war and the atrocities taking place in The Democratic Republic of Congo. I studied how any person can turn into a monster, given the right circumstances. In 2014 I exhibited at BWAC in Brooklyn, New York.

    Now I'm working with the idea of persons becoming monsters. I decided to paint people as being the living dead (zombies).